Monday, October 6, 2008

First attempt at babyfood!

Precious' son is 14 weeks old now and is just starting to eat solid foods. She wants to make his baby food in an attempt to expand his palette beyond pizza, chicken on a stick and cheese eggs. We gave it a try for the first time this weekend.
We started by making avocado, butternut squash and applesauce. All three were super simple to make. We simply put the avocado in the blender with a little bit of water. As for the butternut squash and the applesauce, those were baked prior to being put through my food mill. But still super simple! I can't wait to try different flavor combinations and stages of food for him.
Avocado in the blender:
Smushed butternut squash:
Avocado being put into the ice cube trays for freezing:

It was so much fun, and I really can't wait to try more!

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