Monday, October 6, 2008


End of summer means tomato season, and now that the grocery stores are full of plump, vine ripened, local tomatoes it is hard to not want to come up with methods of using them. Last week I oven roasted plum tomatoes and made tomato sauce from actual tomatoes for the first time. This weekend, Precious and I made and jarred salsa for the first time.
We started with just over 11lbs of plum tomatoes
3 Long hot peppers, 3 Cherry peppers, 3 jalepenos, 4 limes, 10 cloves of garlic
3 bell peppers and 2 sweet onions
The peeling and seeding of the tomatoes was a lot of work!
Then it simmered restlessly for 20 minutes on the stove
Once all done, it had to cool for a couple minutes
While waiting to be jarred...

It ended up being 11 jars of delicious salsa, and the 12th is apple sauce that we made for Precious' 14 week old son, Jackson.

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