Thursday, March 5, 2009

My favorite kitchen tool...

I grew up in apple country.  The town I lived in had more apple trees than people.  I have many memories from when I was a little girl that include both picking apples and cooking with them.  I used to make applesauce every year with my grandmother, it is one of my fondest memories with her.  After years of asking different family members if they had her old food mill, one of my aunts got the hint, and bought me one for Christmas.

I used it for applesauce and apple butter, and the occasional smooth mashed potato.  It wasn't until I started making baby food that I used it on a weekly basis.  This tool has become the most coveted in the kitchen.  I can make the 8 month old any food he wants to eat.  I've put every fruit and vegetable imaginable through it.

It is amazing to me how easy the food mill is to take apart and put together, with only 3 pieces it isn't complicated at all.  There are no small parts, just the tension rod on top holding it together, making it very intuitive to use.  My favorite thing about it is how easy it is to clean.  It is stainless steel, and dishwasher safe, which is a huge perk.  But without even putting it into the dishwasher, it rinses clean very easily, which makes rinsing it between foods a cinch.


  1. That does look like it would be really handy to have and so easy to use!

  2. It really is very handy, I never knew how much until I started making baby food. I really love that tool, it is one I think no kitchen should be without!

  3. How funny, I've always thought that food mills would be a pain to clean! I heard that mashed potatoes made using food mills are fluffier and smoother than usual... is that true? Now I'm so tempted to get my own mill...

  4. It definitely is not a pain to clean, seriously so simple! I do find that they are fluffier and smoother, and less gummy. You don't stir them much, so you don't break down the cells that would result in pasty potatoes.