Monday, October 23, 2006

Dinner 1

Tonights dinner was Broccoli and Smoked Turkey Focaccia Sandwiches. I wanted to make them with potato salad, but the dill at the store tonight didn't seem so great, so I had to put it off. I also couldn't get focaccia bread, so I ended up getting a loaf of roasted garlic bread, and that was really good, but I'd be interested in trying it on the focaccia. I made it with a side of broccoli because I had extra from what I steamed to add to the sandwich.

Overall it was pretty good. Probably a better lunch than dinner, but good none the less. It was very simple, and quite tasty. I'm still a bit hungry so I might have a little more. I think if I made the potato salad, it would have been perfect. When Kristyn eats it I will probably tell her to have it with some soup if she's still hungry. And also to toast the bread.

So day one was successful! Talk to you tomorrow!

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