Monday, January 7, 2008

Back in Beantown

So here I am, back in Boston again...One more semester of school left, and it is looking to be quite a busy one!
I moved into my new apartment where I plan on spending my time working, doing school work, and of course cooking lots of new and different foods. Kristyn and I are taking cake decorating classes at Michaels through Wilton starting on Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited. So for the next 4 weeks on Wednesday nights she and I will be embarking to Michaels to learn a thing or two about cakes!

The week ahead is seeming like it could be a busy one!
Tomorrow is the first day of classes, and my first day working remotely from Boston. Tuesday should be relatively calm. Wednesday is cake decorating class 1! Thursday is an all new Grey's, who doesn't get excited about such things!! And Friday is always a good time. Kristyn's birthday is also this weekend so it should be fun to do something for her birthday one day this week. Which also means that I have to figure out a good birthday gift for her before Thursday!

On my to do list for tomorrow is some menu planning and grocery shopping, so I will post about my menu and grocery list later!

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