Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sometimes I'm just a bad person...

My plan for my day today was quite simple, do some work in the morning, followed by an early afternoon of birthday shopping for Kristyn. The morning started off that simple. I got up and I did a bunch of school work and then I did some IBM work. When I finished all the work that I had to do, I got cleaned up and went on my way.
I went to Downtown Crossing to DSW to see if they had the brown shoes by Sketchers that I want. They did, but they were $55! I couldn't justify that. Even with the $10 off coupon I have. I was a little annoyed because all the other shoes of the same style were $49. I walked around, browsing for a gift for Kristyn. I kind of was looking for a cute dress for her to wear to work, they had some at Banana Republic that I was interested in, but I didn't love any of them. I found one at H&M, but that one was black and white, and I would have preferred a color. I walked down to the Faneuil Hall area and continued to look. I stopped in Crate and Barrel to see if they had any fun kitchen supplies, but they didn't. I went to Victoria's Secret, and they are having their semi annual sale. I searched through the buckets of bras to find that they had one of the very sexy convertible bras that I adore. I bought it for myself.
I then went to look around Banana Republic and the Loft hoping to find something for Kristyn. Then I went up to the Gap and looked around. I found a green wrap dress that I thought she'd be interested in, but they didn't have her size. At the Gap, I saw that the Project (RED) shirts that I love were on sale. So I bought three for myself.

Aren't they cute? I'm actually wearing the blue one at the moment.

So that's my day. I went shopping for Kristyn and I ended up spending more than $50 on myself.

Tonight I'm going to make dinner for me and Anne, and then we're going to the movies, she wants to see Juno. I am feeling the need for some trivia...I'll have to look that up.

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